School Council

School Council Motto

 ‘We are proud to be your School Council, representing over 400 children in our Primary School across 14 classes. As your elected council, we promise to be approachable and fair to everyone, aiming to ensure that every child in school feels like they have a voice. We currently hold school council surgeries every three weeks throughout the year where children can make suggestions, come and talk to us, and we will listen to the views and voices of everyone in our school community. Through a range of planned activities throughout the year, we aim to encourage friendships, healthy initiatives, and to encourage pupils to feel happy, confident, included and respected. As a group of 24 school council members, our goal is to not only make a difference in our school but also raise awareness of UK wide and world issues. Thank you for all of your support.’

 Your 2023/24 School Council

Evelyn, Elsie, Olivia, Jonah, Robbie, Letty, Lily, Wilf, Sebastian, Noah, Mario, Thomas, Lilly, Tallulah, Michelle, Dilnaaz, Minahil, Eshaal, Dillon, Rosa, Ferne, Phoebe, Logan and Amber

 School Council Surgery

The school council hold a general fortnightly surgery where children from Reception to Year 6 can give a range of suggestions about chosen topics, or general suggestions about school. The school council meet weekly to discuss these, before taking the suggestions to Mrs Pritchard. So far in 2023-24, the school council have arranged for new mirrors to be put in the KS2 toilets, have written letters to the school kitchen, put forward suggestions for after school clubs, and are currently working on ideas to provide opportunities to do more things on the school playground.

Recently, in January 2024, the school council had the opportunity to meet local MP Mark Pritchard and ask him all about the MP surgeries that he runs in his constituency, and questions about democracy, why he became an MP, what it is like to stand up in Parliament and lots of other things.

School Council Charity Choices

During the Autumn Term, children across school had the opportunity, through a school council surgery to say which local and national charities are important to them and why, and offer ideas for fundraising activities. Following on from the surgery and the many charities suggested, the school council held a vote to decide which charities they would like to support during the 2023-24 academic year. The charities chosen are Dogs Trust and Cancer Research. Stay tuned for fundraising information.

Previously School Councillors have: 

  • Updated school leaders about any issues they have seen around school
  • Helped organise fund raising
  • Met with a member of the House of Lords – Lord Hannay who spoke about how the House of Lords operates and what democracy means. The rest of KS2 were able to take part as the school council asked Lord Hannay questions.
  • Help to identify the most important areas of our curriculum that all children should be thinking about
  • Posed questions for the COP26