Welcome to Muxton Primary Parents, Teachers and Friends Association, or the PTFA as we are also known.

As the name suggests, all parents, guardians, teachers, friends and associates of Muxton Primary school are part of the PTFA Community. There is a dedicated committee, voted in each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

While the committee are able to vote on spending requests & events organised, Your opinions, ideas and feedback are very important to us.

We are a registered charity dedicated solely to fundraising for Muxton Primary School (charity number 1172382). This can help you and us a lot, find out how below.

Message from Mrs Naiomi Harper 2024 nominated Chair

I have been part of Muxton PTFA since 2019; starting as social media admin, followed by treasurer and it’s a pleasure to now be the Chair. With very big boots to fill I hope to get more parents involved in our fundraising activities. I will be working alongside staff and children within school in an attempt to raise funds for the biggest spend item we have seen in many years.


In the words of my boy who is in year 5 currently “Mom the PTFA must stay it puts the fun into school” and my year 2 daughter says “mommy I like you helping make discos and parties on the school field” this in itself is just part of why I took this role on, after I decided I wasn’t going to carry on, they changed my mind.

The influence of my children’s words and the motivation and commitment of the new committee and staff at Muxton school is empowering.

“I’ve got the power in me, you’ve got the power in you” let’s make this the most successful PTFA year yet

To do this, we need your help to achieve our children’s wishes therefore I am looking for the following:

  • Volunteer your time for events? – email to join our volunteers list
  • Offer prizes for raffles – contact us with what you can offer
  • Does your company donate to registered charities – they can give tax free and we will always acknowledge direct company donations.
  • Do you have an idea to raise funds – let us know and we will look into doing it.

The PTFA Committee have regular meetings and all parents are welcome.  Come along and see what we’re up to! See the posters below

How to get in Contact

  • Facebook search for ‘Muxton PTFA’
  • Email –

But don’t go yet!

Now I am proud to announce the rest of your 2024 Muxton PTFA committee:

Vice chair – Tim Walsh








Treasurer/Secretary – Nicola Rowton










Anna-Marie Corcoran






Clare Richardson







Lucy Breakwell








Sian Thorpe










Vikki Owen








Laura Hall






The PTFA Committee hold regular meetings and all parents are welcome.  Come along and see what we’re up to!

We are also on Facebook – search for Muxton PTFA to find us. Look out for posters on Facebook and at school advertising upcoming events and our newsletters for more information on what we’ve been doing.  You can also contact us via email at

We look forward to working with you!

Muxton PTFA