Year 6

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Mrs Fowler
Year 6 Teacher
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Mrs Haynes
Year 5 & 6 Area Leader / Year 6 Teacher

Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

There are two classes in year 6. You will be in class with our year 6 teachers: Mrs Haynes or Mrs Fowler.

Our teaching assistants are Miss Woodcock and Mrs Mackriel.

Mrs Haynes’ PE session is on a Friday.

Mrs Fowler’s PE session is on a Tuesday.

For more information about Year 6, please watch the following PowerPoint: Year 6

Teachers in Year 6 can be contacted by email using the address

We use Class Dojo to let parents know how when their children receive praise for something they have done in school. This could include:

  • Sensible behaviour
  • Excellent effort
  • Kindness
  • Great work

Once you have downloaded the Class Dojo app and inputted the unique code for your child you will receive alerts when your child has earned a ‘dojo’. This can really help reinforce the praise that we are giving at school as well as being a useful reminder when children say they can’t remember what happened at school.

Please note that we are not using all of the features of Class Dojo at Muxton. We will continue to use the year group email addresses for communication with teachers so please do not use the messaging section of Class Dojo as this will not be monitored.

Do let us know if you need any help with setting up Class Dojo on your device. We will be happy to help! Download it for Apple or Android here.

Weekly Timetable

Homework is handed out on Friday and the hand-in date is the following Tuesday giving the weekend and Monday to get work completed.

Spellings are stuck into Home School Link books on a Monday during SPaG fluency time which are to be practised throughout the week ready for spelling test on Friday. This daily practice is extremely important in making children more confident with their own spellings on a day-to-day basis. Spellings for the following week are also added to the website, ready for to practise prior to the week beginning.

Reading is to be completed a minimum of four times per week where children are expected to be reading for at least 15 minutes each time followed by a comment in their records. This, again, is an important step which will aid not only their reading ability and understanding but also their ability to write to the expected standard within Y6. Reading records will be checked weekly, every Monday.

In addition to the reading mentioned above, children are able to access Bug Club using their logins that have now been given to them. The usage of this will be checked weekly with the expectation that children are interacting on a regular basis.

Links to Online Resources

BugClub We subscribe to BugClub to give you access to a wide selection of online books for KS1 and KS2. Once your child has read a book they can then answer comprehension questions to check their understanding. Your child will have a logon card stuck into their Home School Links book.

PurpleMash PurpleMash has a suite of software that can be used to support learning across the curriculum – your child will have a logon card stuck into their Home School Links book.

BBC Bitesize BBC Bitesize has a range of learning materials for KS1 and KS2 children.

Sumdog Sumdog has a range of great maths games that can be played online  – your child will have a logon card stuck into their Home School Links book.

Kiddle Kiddle is a safe search engine for children.

Helpful documents

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