Year 4

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Mrs Holmes
Year 4 Teacher
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Mrs Moreton
Year 4 Teacher

Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

We look forward to working alongside you in what we hope will be an exciting and successful year for your child.

Your child’s class teacher will be either Mrs Holmes or Mrs Moreton.

Information about Year 4 can be found in the following powerpoint:

Year 4 transition powerpoint

We use Class Dojo to let parents know how when their children receive praise for something they have done in school. This could include:

  • Sensible behaviour
  • Excellent effort
  • Kindness
  • Great work

Once you have downloaded the Class Dojo app and inputted the unique code for your child you will receive alerts when your child has earned a ‘dojo’. This can really help reinforce the praise that we are giving at school as well as being a useful reminder when children say they can’t remember what happened at school.

Please note that we are not using all of the features of Class Dojo at Muxton. We will continue to use the year group email addresses for communication with teachers so please do not use the messaging section of Class Dojo as this will not be monitored.

Do let us know if you need any help with setting up Class Dojo on your device. We will be happy to help! Download it for Apple or Android here.


Weekly Timetable

Children will have homework on a Friday afternoon and we expect it to be completed and submitted within class on a Wednesday.  We will be uploading homework on the website and send home a copy in your child’s homework book. Spellings for the week will also be uploaded to the school website for parents and children to access and practice at home. They will begin practicing the week’s spellings within class on a Monday and tested on a Friday. Times tables can also be found on the website at the same place.

P.E for both classes is with Mr Perez.

Links to Online Resources

BugClub We subscribe to BugClub to give you access to a wide selection of online books for KS1 and KS2. Once your child has read a book they can then answer comprehension questions to check their understanding. Your child will have a logon card stuck into their Home School Links book.

BBC Bitesize BBC Bitesize has a range of learning materials for KS1 and KS2 children.

Kiddle Kiddle is a safe search engine for children.

Pinpoint Times tables Check – Start (


Curriculum Planning

Autumn term newsletter

Spring term newsletter

Summer term y4



Knowledge organisers


Computing knowledge Organisers

Knowledge organiser The Anglo-Saxons 




Sp1 Painting and mixed media

Su1 Sculpture and 3D


AT1 Sound Knowledge Organiser

SpT1 Electricity Knowledge Organiser

SpT2 States of matter Knowledge Organiser

SuT1- Food and digestion Knowledge Organiser

SuT2 Classifying Living Things and their habitats Knowledge Organiser

Maths Spring 1:

Area Perimeter


Multiplication and Division 

English Spring 1:


Non-Chronological report

Play Scripts

Useful Information

You will receive a newsletter at the beginning of each term to give you more information about what your child will be learning in each subject area. This will also give more specific details about homework and projects which we will be doing during the year.

If you have any queries or concerns, no matter how simple they may seem, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the year 4 email inbox –