Chetwynd Deer Park Visit

To the Parents of Children in Year  4                                                                                                                                                                      

   15th April 2024

Dear Parents

Newport & District Agricultural Society, organisers of the Newport Show, have offered us the opportunity to take part in a Spring Explorer visit to Chetwynd Deer Park, Newport, on Friday 26th April.

  • Mrs Moreton’s class session will be between 9.30 and 11.30, so will leave after the register and be back in school for school lunch as normal.
  • Mrs Holmes’ class session will be between 12.30 and 2.30pm – the children in Mrs Holmes’ class can choose their normal lunch option but lunch will be at the earlier time of 11.45. The children will return by the end of the school day.

We will transport the children, by coach, to and from Chetwynd Deer Park, a beautiful conservation area, full of endless opportunities to learn about wildlife and natural scenery. We hope to stimulate the children’s interest and skills in investigating the natural environment and at the same time provide them with the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the Deer Park.

The children will need to wear school uniform, with sensible footwear or wellies. Appropriate coats / waterproof clothing will be required depending on the weather forecast on the day. There is NO charge for this trip, however you will need to give permission by filling in the online consent form below by Monday 22nd April.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Moreton & Mrs Holmes


Year 4 Homework 12.4.24

Homework | The Forest High School

Homework 12.4.24

Words Week 1

Say it in a sentence – Use the word in a sentence correctly.

Read it out loud – Can your child pronounce the word correctly when reading the word?

Explain the word – Define what the word means.

Use the word – Encourage your child to use the word in day to day speech with lots of praise if they do!

Year 4 Wordlist

Week 1

Say it Read it Explain it Use it

Sentences to say:

Evaporation occurs when a liquid slowly turns into a gas.

Precipitation levels in the desert are very low since it doesn’t rain much there.

Condensation dripped from the air conditioner.

The groundwater level in this area is low.

As it flowed into the river, the tributary provided fresh water for the village.

Image result for Times Tables ClipArt

The children will have 30 mixed questions from a range of times tables.


DT Day

Hi All

We hope you ave had a good holiday.

Before Easter, the children designed a torch for DT. The children are going to be making them during the first couple of weeks of the new term. We are providing all the electrical equipment the children will need but we would like the children to provide some bits for making the casing.


  • Pringles or equivalent tubes
  • Transparent/Translucent Yoghurt/Fruit Pots
  • Small cereal boxes
  • Small shoe boxes
  • Strong cardboard
  • Toblerone Tube
  • Anything for decorating the cases

Please bring them into school in a small named bag. Anything that the children can share with others would also be welcomed.

Many thanks,

Year 4 Team


Year 4 Homework – 23.3.24

Homework | The Forest High School

Homework 22.3.24

The Rainforest

Over the holidays, we would like the children to create an animal that lives in the rainforest using anything you have at home.  Be as creative as you can!  Please bring these into share with the class during the first week back after Easter.


Secret Hills Visit

Year 4 have had a wonderful day today. The children were a credit to the school.

They have learnt all about the River Onny and we had a great session that has ended our River topic and brought all our knowledge about rivers together.

We have also seen a skeleton of a woolly mammoth and revisited our Year 3 & 4 history work looking at the eras from the Iron Age to the end of the Viking period.

Thank you for ensuring your child was appropriately dressed and on time.

Year 4 Team